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The former government-supervised type approval system was replaced by a new safety certification system overseen by private organizations.
The Electric Appliance Safety Control Act was amended (Act 6019, proclaimed on September 7, 1999) to enhance safety control regarding the manufacture and use of electrical appliances and to harmonize safety requirements with international standards which will, in turn, facilitate the implementation of mutual recognition agreements on conformity assessment.
The new law entered into effect as of July 1st in the year 2000.
The electrical appliances safety certification system is in force based on "Electrical Appliances Safety Control law" and electrical products can be manufactured and placed on market acquisition of safety certification.


Aim at setting definite criteria for uniform and rational administration in carrying out safety certification, cancellation of Safety Certification and other Electrical Appliances Safety Certification, which are regulated in the Article 5, of the Electrical Appliances Safety Control Law, by Safety Certification Body that has been accredited by the Article 3 of the Electrical Appliances Safety Control Law.

  • Electrical Appliances subjected to the Certification
    Electrical appliances used with supplied input power less than 1000 volts will be subjected to the certification.(see Annex 2)
  • Electrical appliances safety certification is required by manufacturing place as well as model, thus, there should be no same product model name in one manufacturing factory. In case of producing same products in different factories, each factory requires to obtain the certification respectively.
    In the case of foreign manufacturers, they have the option to apply directly or through local agency that has been authorized with a letter of authorization as a legal representative for foreign manufacturer.

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