test & safety certification


  • Petrochemical Field
  • Machinery and Devices Field

Petrochemical Field

Research and analysis
  • Legal foundation
    • - Industrial Standardization Act (Korean product standardization and post-management testing)
    • - Verification and type approval of material used to treat oil spills
    • - Based on safety inspection standards
    • - Shipping materials type approval
    • - Hazardous materials containing chemical products
    • - Specialized safety institute
  • General testing fields and items
  • KOLAS designation fields
  • Shipping and materials used in shipping type approval testing
  • Functional testing of safety specifications
  • Functional inspection for approval of material used to treat oil spills
  • Laboratory facility opening and use contracts

Machinery and Devices Field

Upon the request of clients, MPI is geared to conduct testing and analysis quickly and accurately.
MPI issues certified test results in accordance with established procedures.

Application Areas
  • General machinery products
  • KS-related testing
  • KOLAS designation testing