quality assurance

Quality Assurance(Q-mark)

The objective of this program is to guarantee the quality of Q-mark label products tested according to the Korea Testing Certification (KTC) of quality assurance test standard aimed at improving product quality and protecting consumers´ interests


  • Sales promotion by reliable quality assurance.
  • A maximum fifty percent discount when you make a PL insurance contract (LG insurance Co.,Ltd)
  • Productivity improvement by experts´ help and advice
  • Support for information about latest technology, trend and government policy
  • Support for development and research

Object items classification

Every electrical and electronic products, every electrical and electronic components and every electrical and electronic accessories ( it will be called as "product" in it) including products fallen under the Electrical Appliances Safety Control Law having low supply voltage
Group classification Group classification
A nsulated wires M Ballast
B Cables N Small Electric motor
C Cords O Heaters
D Cap tire vinyl cords P Electro-motion products
E Cables for welding Q lamps
F Cable for heat R Lighting products
G Fuses S Electronic products
H Switches T.U AC Electrical equipment
I Breakers V.W.X Accessories of wire pipe
J Connectors Y parts of electronic equipment
K.L Transformers Z parts of electrical equipment

Dessignation Procedure for Q Mark

Dessignation Procedure for Q Mark

Departments in charge

Office Tel Fax
Main office +82-31-455-7655-7 +82-31-455-7308
Seoul branch office +82-2-322-6983 +82-2-322-6986
Daegu branch office +82-53-566-4605 +82-53-558-8129
Pusan branch office +82-51-336-1566 +82-51-336-1567
Gwangju branch office +82-62-944-1094 +82-62-944-1095

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