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Technical Education in Lubrication Management

As a specialist in machinery, meter and petrochemical testing and inspection, MPI offers educational services in the spirit of sharing its knowledge and know-how in order to spread expertise to help related industries improve their international competitiveness and protect the consumer.

Educational activities include lubrication management (existing regulations dealing with lubrication management, lubrication equipment, automation technology, lubrication of pneumatic equipment and on-site training in lubrication management) and weighing and measuring inspections for government officials (design of an effcient measurement administration program, developing a fair trade spirit, practical exercise and advances in the measuring sector).


Lubrication Management Handbook A4 929 30,000
Hydraulic Oil Handbook A5 260 8,500
Cutting Fluid and Grinding Fluid A5 390 10,000
Lubrication of Industrial Machinery A5 360 8,000
Choice of Optimum Lubricant for Lubricating Parts A5 150 5,000

※ 1 US dollar is converted at 1,200 won as of the end of 2000

Smart World

  • Period : Bi-monthly
  • Size : 4 × 6
  • Pages : 116
  • Content : Lubrication machinery and equipment
    Technical information
    On-site visit of lubrication facilities
    Feature articles
    Overseas information for benchmarking
    GQ Mark and quality certification guidance
    Guide for testing and inspection