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Originally, this Scheme was operated by the CEE (former European "International Commission for Conformity Testing of Electrical Equipment"). It was integrated into IEC in 1985.

IECEE CB History of KTC

  • Sales promotion by reliable quality assurance.
  • A maximum fifty percent discount when you make a PL insurance contract (LG insurance Co.,Ltd)
  • Productivity improvement by experts´ help and advice
  • Support for information about latest technology, trend and government policy
  • Support for development and research

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Scope of the CB Scheme

Accepted into the CB Scheme on 2003-02-19
KTC (Korea Electric Testing Institute)
692-8 Kumjung-dong, Kunpo-cityKyunggi-do, 435-050 Korea
Tel :+ 82-31-428-7521... Fax : + 82-31-457-8813
Product Category and CB Scheme Scope
Category Scheme Scope Category Scope
HOUS 60335-1(ed.3);am1,am2 OFF 60950(ed.2);am1-am4
60335-1(Consolidated ed.4.1) 60950(ed.3)
60335-2-2(ed.4);am1 60950-1(ed.1)
60035-2-3(ed.4);am1 TRON 60065(ed.6)
60335-2-3(Consolidated 5.1) 60065(ed.7)
60335-2-4(ed.4);am1;am2* EMC CISPR11(Consolidated ed.4.1)
60335-2-4(Consolidated ed.5.1) CISPR13(Consolidated ed.4.1)
60335-2-5(ed.4);am1 CISPR14-2(Consolidated ed.1.1)
60335-2-7(ed.5)* CISPR15(Consolidated ed.6.2)
60335-2-7(Consoldiated ed.6.1) CISPR20(ed.5);am1;am2
60335-2-8(ed.4) CISPR20(Consolidated ed.5.2)
60335-2-10(ed.4) CISPR22(ed.4);am1
60335-2-11(ed.5)* CISPR24(ed.1)
60335-2-13(ed.4);am1 CISPR61000-6-3(ed.1)
60335-2-13(Consolidated d.5.1) 60601-1-2(ed.2)
60335-2-14(ed.3);am1 61000-3-2(Consolidated ed.2.1)
60335-2-15(ed.4);am1;am2* 61000-3-2(Consolidated ed.2.2)
60335-2-21(ed.4) 61000- 3-3(Consolidated ed.1.1)
60335-2-21(Consolidated d.5.1) 61000-3-11(ed.1)
60335-2-23(ed.4);am1* 61000-4-2(Consolidated ed.1.2)
60335-2-30(ed.3) 61000-4-3(Consolidated ed.2.1)
60335-2-30(Consolidated d.4.1) 61000-4-4(ed.2)
60335-2-31(ed.3);am1* 61000-4-5(Consolidated ed.1.1)
60335-2-32(ed.3) 61000-4-6(ed.2)
60335-2-35(ed.3) 61000-4-6(Consolidated ed.2.1)
60335-2-41(ed.2);am1* 61000-4-8(Consolidated ed.1.1)
60335-2-45(ed.2) 61000-4-11(ed.2)
60335-2-60(ed.2) 61000-4-12(ed.1)
60335-2-60(Consoldiated ed.3.1) 61000-4-12(Consolidated ed.1.1)
60335-2-61(ed.1);am1* 61000-6-1(ed.1)
60335-2-80(ed.1) 61000-6-2(ed.1)
LITE 60901(ed.2),am1 61000-6-4(ed.1)
60920(ed.1);am1;am2 61547(ed.1);am1
60968(Consolidated ed. 1.2)*