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In French CE stands for Communaute Europeen, means European Communities.
  • In French CE stands for Communaute Europeen, means European Communities.
  • The labeling of CE mark means products or manufacturer passes Essential Requirements of Directives which also means manufacturer

    or importer or any authorized institute of approval already performed test for appropriateness over the products in order for the products to be trading in the market without any other limitations. Consequently any products related to consumer's health, safety, or environment must be approved by CE.

    CE mark doesn't mean it secures reliability or warranty of products but means they observe the regulations or instructions in EU related safety, health, protection of consumers, and keep the essential requirements of Europe's standards.

Approval Procedure

The Manufacture or importer shall check to their products belongs to any harmonized standards. If their products have harmonized standards, they can issue DOC(Declaration of Conformity) by self-test report.

Self Declaration of Conformity
  • In case the products have Harmonized Standards.
  • They can issue test report themselves or through other test laboratory.
  • Issue DOC(Declaration of Conformity) on basis of test report.
  • In case of request by government, submit DOC within 7 days
  • The DOC can be issued by authorizer or importer within EU area.
  • The related documents must be kept until 10 years.
Type Examination : according to Clause 10.1 of 89/336/EEC
  • Applied wireless devices.
  • In case, The products haven't harmonized standards.
  • Must be tested by Notify body in EU countries.
  • Issue to DOC on the basis of TCF(Technical construction File : test report and certificates etc..)
  • Must be tested by Competent body in EU countries. (In case of, haven't harmonized standards and
  • belong to Clause 10.2 of 89/336/EEC)


EEC Directory Category EEC Directory Category
73/23/EEC Low Voltage Directive 90/385/EEC Active implantable medical device
87/404/EEC Simple pressure vessels 90/396/EEC Appliances burning gaseous fuels
88/378/EEC Toy Safety 91/263/EEC Telecommunications terminal
89/106/EEC Construction Products 92/42/EEC Hot water boilers fired with liquid or
gaseous fuels
89/336/EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility 93/42/EEC Medical Devices
89/392/EEC Machinery safety 93/68/EEC Harmonization of CE marking
89/686/EEC Personal Protective equipment 93/97/EEC Satellite-earth station equipment
90/384/EEC Non-automatic weighting instrument


  • KTC Solution
    • Informing the improved items quickly
    • Informing the test report within the 14 days(EMC) if the document and test samples are complied.
    • Helping to get the Certificate within 7 days after sending the reports to Certification Body

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