Key services of KTC

Testing and inspection
  1. 1. Electrical and Electronic
  2. 2. Meters
  3. 3. Chemical and environment
  4. 4. Bio and medical
  5. 5. Information and Communications
  6. 6. Energy
  7. 7. Renewable
  8. 8. Specialized Public Procurement
  9. 9. Verification
  10. 10. Calibration
  11. 11. International standard
  12. 12. Software and security test
  13. 13. Inspection of the playground facilities for children
  14. 14. Safety inspection of amusement facility
Certification and assessment
  1. 1. KC Product Certification
  2. 2. KS Product Certification
  3. 3. Q-mark
  4. 4. EMF certification
  5. 5. V-check product certification marks
  6. 6. Performance Certification
  7. 7. Medical device assessment
  8. 8. International standard certification새창
  9. 9. View the GCC certification status
  1. 1. Technical regulations impact evaluation
  2. 2. Intellectual Property evaluation support (Patent technical evaluation)
  3. 3. Standard Technology Development Type
  4. 4. SME Technological Innovation R&D Program
  5. 5. New-Product Development Support with an Off-Take Arrangement
  6. 6. The 4th Industries and Smart City


KTC News

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Since 1969'
The Number 1 global certified testing agency, KTC
KTC is an internationally-certified testing agency representing South Korea, with a history of serving our industrial partners for more than half a century.
For AIs and IoT,
KTC can be your reliable partner!
For the 4th industrial revolution, we will expand our testbeds for the clients and
establish a testing/certification fast track to make the dreams of our clients come true.
Since 1969'
The Number 1 global certified testing agency, KTC
KTC is an internationally-certified testing agency representing South Korea, with a history of serving our industrial partners for more than half a century.
For AIs and IoT,
KTC can be your reliable partner!
For the 4th industrial revolution, we will expand our testbeds for the clients and
establish a testing/certification fast track to make the dreams of our clients come true.

KTC News


KTC Business

Create the Future with Trust 01/17
We established the optimal testing service joining our knowledge and technologies.

KTC is one of South Korea’s leading testing and certification agencies helping our clients in the fields of machinery, electricity, electronics, lighting, renewable energy, chemistry, and medicine, for the past five decades, witnessing the growth of industries in this country.
We will be the door to growth, innovation, future, and creation that can enhance our customers' global competitiveness.

Safety Certificates 02/17
Building a safer and healthier society in trust

We provide the safety certification services for the manufactured goods and electrical products that are used in our daily lives to protect the consumers by making the products safer while helping the businesses enhance their competitive advantages in terms of quality. Especially, KTC has the largest number of safety apparatuses in line with the international standards for electricity and electronics, which allow us to provide our clines with fast and reliable testing and certification services.

Reliability Assessment 03/17
We have a wide variety of infrastructure to help businesses, ranging from reliability assessment to fire safety.

KTC is a specialized reliability assessment agency in the fields of electronics, providing various specialized services covering failure mode analyses for electronics and electrical parts and products; non-destructive tests; life-span and failure rate testes, so that the clients can enhance the durability and reliability of their products.

Quality Certification 04/17
Quality assurance based on ethics, science, and trust

The product certification system of KTC aims to provide the qualification test for the products to be launched in the market to ensure consumer trust, standardize the new products in the market, and make the quality of the good products even better. We provide customized certification services for Q-mark certificates, KS certificates, and V-check, etc., to serve the different needs of our customers.

Testing and Evaluation 05/17
The optimal testing services putting technologies and knowledge together

KTC has now established product quality test and evaluation service for the entire array of industries, covering machinery, metallurgy, electrical/electronics, lighting, chemistry, environment, construction, and shipbuilding, etc. Not only we cover the hardware but also the software and product reliability tests so that our clients can find the testing services for all standards in South Korea and elsewhere.

Motors 06/17
We have the best testing, certification, and R&D infrastructure in the country!

From designing and development to performance evaluation and reliability assessment, we are specialized in testing and studying motors. Our talented experts with masters’ and doctoral degrees for engineering and development provide our clients with one-stop solutions starting from R&D to covering all the way till testing and certification. Especially, we have a dedicated test building for motors, which is full of the performance evaluation systems and equipment for motors and power generators, from the smallest ones to the largest, based on the MRA program.

Measurement instruments 07/17
We are the only South Korean company entitled to issue legal instruments type certification and testing

KTC is the legal instrument type certification and testing agency. We help the clients improve the quality of their products and develop new products, with a view to creating a sound commercial practice. We the IML-MAA issuance system, we help our clients obtain overseas certificates, making it easier to find new markets out of the border.

Thermal Fluid Testing 08/17
Now expanding the scope of our testing and certification services with the largest wind-blower system for testing in the world

As the only AMCA-certified agency in South Korea, we have the largest pump-testing system in the country. With the world’s best testing capability, KTC helps our clients enhance the technologies and quality of the company. And, we have been engaged in standardization efforts by serving as the South Korean administrator for ISO/TC 117.

Heavy Electricity 09/17
Strict testing/certification technologies and state-of-the-art testing systems

KTC is the only South Korean testing and certification agency that is capable of testing across the entire scale of voltages, from low to high. Our high-end testing systems include a high-reliability anti-short testing system (52 MVA), high-capacity SPD testing system, 22.9kV high voltage cable testing systems, and more, with which we provide certification tests and development test services for electrical equipment, eventually facilitating the enhancement of the competitiveness of South Korean manufacturers.

Medical Devices 10/17
Helps to keep Koreans healthy by evaluating medical devices and products

KTC provides testing services to ensure the safety and performance of medical devices. In addition, we expand the scope of our testing services to CE markings and other testing services to obtain overseas certificates. In addition, we test second-hand medical devices or conduct other tests that are commissioned to us by the manufacturers, as a part of our customized testing services for corporate clients.

Lighting 11/17
Pushing the limit of the quality of lighting equipment

KTC has been providing safety certification, KS certification, and overseas certification services for lighting equipment. The latest mirror-type goniophotometer, c-type goniophotometers are used to conduct our high-efficiency test for LED lightings. We provide our clients with the latest updates on obtaining overseas certifications, such as the CB, CE, or the Energy Star, so that we can be the foundation for the domestic lighting products to be certified overseas.

S/W Security and Certification 12/17
We are leading the way in IoT and SW certification and the infrastructure for security testing.

Our information and security center conducts various tests for ICT and convergence products (CC assessment, credit-card reader security test, security function test report issuance test, performance evaluation of information protection products, cyber-security test for medical devices, IoT security testing, analysis of the secondary channel of smart cards, and error input) and the functional safety performance tests (software functional safety tests, SW VEV/SW commissioned testing, etc.)

EMC 13/17
An EMC testing agency with an international certificate

We conduct various domestic and overseas testing and certification services subject to EMC testing requirements in the fields of electrical/electronics, lighting, elevators, and medical devices, etc. We also operate an internationally-certified Integrated Electromagnetic Field Test Center, which is registered with the IECCE CB Schemen and ILAC.

RF Area 14/17
The internationally certified testing and certification agency for the RF area

We provide the domestic and international testing and certification for all devices that use any kind of RF technologies, including but not limited to LTE, WCDMA, wireless LAN, or Blue Tooth, etc. Our ‘General RF Testing Center’ is an internationally certified test center that is registered with KOLAS and the Radio Research Agency.

Energy 15/17
A large-scale, renewable ESS testing infrastructure

The demand for testing and certification for invigorating the renewable industries is increasing rapidly. KTC is responding promptly to various renewable testing and certification of businesses. Especially, we now have the only large-scale ESS testing infrastructure, as well as a set of highly sophisticated infrastructure s for the PV inverter testing, which is a core element of renewable energy industries, to serve the needs of our clients in testing and certification.

Chemical and Environment 16/17
Making our environment safer from the threats of hazardous materials

KTC has been providing various types of chemical analyses services, including but not limited to the analyses of the materials subject to environmental regulations, environmental tests for construction materials, testing hazardous factors for the environments used by children, indoor air quality analysis, and hazardous materials within chemical products of various kinds, such as maritime decontamination chemicals, as we contribute to the enhancement of the quality of the existing products and testing the physical properties and performances to help develop new products.

Overseas Certification 17/17
A reliable overseas certification partner for the companies that wish to export their products.

We built a database for the certification information and the requirements for it in effect in key export markets, to help our exporting businesses become more successful in their competition in the foreign market. We help them get the necessary overseas certificates fastest, and cheapest. We entered into an agreement with 30 testing agencies in 17 countries, which are our key export markets all over the world, to have the test reports issued by us recognized as a part of our effort to help to export businesses.